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  • Why Should Take "What's New" Seriously

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    For personal APP, it may pay more attention to the writing of “What’s New” to attract more users to download and upgrade.

    If you work for a large company, the content source might be a product manager or operations.

    So how to write What’s New better? We often see some novel serialization or small humor, which is very interesting.

    But in any case, I advise everyone to show your artistic talents on the basis of writing real and updated content.

    Because we have been rejected for violating the "Performance - Accurate Metadata" clause.

  • When Rejected For UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities

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    A month ago, after I submitted the AppStore review as usual. Soon I received a review response with the subject line “We noticed an issue with your submission.”

    I guess I may have screwed up again.

    The reason for rejection is about UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities.