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  • Something About Optional Assignment

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    We all know that in Swift, optional chaining is an important feature that can help us write concise and elegant code.

    However, the optional assignment derived from the optional chain may have some strange phenomena when used.

  • When Rejected For UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities

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    A month ago, after I submitted the AppStore review as usual. Soon I received a review response with the subject line “We noticed an issue with your submission.”

    I guess I may have screwed up again.

    The reason for rejection is about UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities.

  • iOS Crash 符号化解析

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    在公司的时候,通常 Crash 平台都做的很好,帮我们做好了符号化解析,一些三方平台也会提供类似的能力。



  • 浅谈当Swift中defer和inout同时起作用

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    本文针对 Swiftdeferinout 以及 return 时相互影响的时候的情况进行简单的分析,目的是更好的理解 deferinout 原理以及使用场合,减少踩坑和提高debug效率。

    本文中的示例代码,均为 Swift 4.2 版本